KEDGE pursues core research in AI/ML, especially in Constraints and AVs


     Kedge Systems has a good experience in doing research with high theoretical and industrial impact. Recently, our focus is in building intelligent AI/ML systems (with applications in constraint systems and autonomous vehicles).


     As an example, one of our past works, NiVER SAT Preprocessor, via its deriviatives like SatElite preprocessor etc.,, is in use in all modern industrial SAT solvers (for wide range of applications, including Hardware/Software verification, artificial intelligence, automated theorem proving). Our past work in using (Tree) Decomposition techniques for solving constraint systems (Tree-of-BDDs) also had a huge industrial and academic impact.

      Recent Research Reports

  • S. Subbarayan, B. Kathatharan, "Machine Learning for Predicting Constraints: An Empirical Study", Kedge Technical Report No. 2022-002, 09-Nov-2022 (PDF)

  • S. Subbarayan, B. Kathatharan, "Machine Learning for Predicting Constraints", Kedge Technical Report No. 2022-001, 05-Aug-2022 (PDF)

      Related US/EU Patents

      Past Research (AI, SAT, Genetic Algorithms)

  • S. Subbarayan, "On Exploiting Structures for Constraint Solving", PhD Thesis, IT-University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 196 pages. April 2008, ISBN : 978-87-7949-173-1

  • S. Subbarayan, "Efficient Reasoning for Nogoods in Constraint Solvers with BDDs", Springer LNCS Proceedings of the PADL symposium, Jan-2008, San Francisco, USA

  • S. Subbarayan, "An Empirical Comparison of CSP Decomposition Methods", Proceedings of the Doctoral Program, CP conference, Sept-2007, Providence, USA.

  • S. Subbarayan, L. Bordeaux and Y Hamadi, "Knowledge Compilation Properties of Tree-of-BDDs", Proceedings of the AAAI conference, July-2007, Vancouver, Canada

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